Penny stocks on the rise

When it comes to Penny Stocks on the rise, we can say that there exist a number of online providing sources that can help you in locating those stocks. We will lead you to the BEST penny stocks to buy. In some other words, we will project a collection of stocks recommended by a majority of votes from a sample of reputable experts and penny stock advisors … Its “Li3 Energy, Inc.” sometimes it’s symbolized by the “LIEG.” term. (LEIG) is an American company, has been doing emerging in the Metal and Mining market. Current prices (like in 01/07) represented this stock at $0.23 per single share. Predictions show high claims from both investors and companies showing that it could go MUCH higher. We can say that “Lithium” is the essential resource handled by this company, and actually they are like “One Pick” form going very far from the current situation.

Get yourself a quick online break and make a tour on the web to define the top 10 penny stocks to know more about: how to make an investment, free newsletters and any website can help you moving forward. “KAT Exploration, Inc.” is considered one of the penny stocks that are acting highly on the rise; it’s a very interesting place to a big number of traders. It’s said that stocks from there go for even LESS than five cents per single share, moreover, it’s predicted to go much further. This company is discovering “Newfoundland”, which is very saturated with ores and many other attractive minerals. We can say that both stability and potential for simulative growth are essential reasons for anybody who searches for good penny stocks to make an investment in.

If you are interested in pharmaceuticals and medical stuff, here is “Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc”, with the symbol of “ELTP”, considering it as a good penny stock target on the rise. The latest news about it, witnessed a huge grow in the last few weeks, and it’s expected to reach much higher levels the near future. Here’s another pick if you, especially if you are a new trader , the  “Coral Gold Resources Ltd”… trades as “CLHRF” showed a rising stock value by $0.14, in addition, it starts trading at less than  a dollar. What we have previously mentioned are just few samples, just search carefully for more, you will gain much more… enjoy



Pink sheets penny stocks

The pink sheets penny stocks are those shares released by very small operation companies which do not manage to start trades at a big stock exchange ratio. A good list of penny stocks gets updated each day through the Pink Sheet daily publications, which are maintained by the “National-Quotation Bureau”. The “National-Quotation Bureau” is where companies expose their stocks to penny investors and traders. The word “Pink” in pink sheets penny stocks is obtained from the paper color they used to print on since year 2000. From this point forward, the pink sheets penny stocks initiated their online trades. In the modern world, the Pink Sheets are more focusing on the market niche of this type. Nowadays, the term “Pink Sheets” is a distinguishing mark for this type of stocks; it’s still occupied to guide the investors. Just for differentiating them from regular stocks “That are traded at Major Stock Exchanges”.

Shares of penny stock companies are mostly sold at what they call “Over the Counter” level. Sometimes they are offered through certain networks of stock dealers. In most cases, Pink Sheets penny stocks have characteristic ticker which ends with “.PK “symbol, to help investors identifying them from any other stock type.

It’s not essential for Pink Sheets penny stocks to be filed with regular or periodic reports with the “SEC” by law, which makes it almost impossible for those who are interested in starting an investment to track their financial situation. In fact, most of the companies who trade at the Pink Sheet penny stocks are either small companies or regular ones but exclusive on only limited operations to avoid bankruptcy or any financial distress. If you made up your mind on investing in the pink sheets penny stocks field, be careful as it is considered a massive financial risk. The appropriate decision requires full information on a certain company right before you purchase a single penny stock on the web. On the other hand, predictive investors foresee lots of potential in the Pink Sheets Penny Stocks, due to the raised volatility and the huge gain opportunities that are commonly non-existent with ordinary traded stocks.

What we previously mentioned is quite alright when just reciting a theoretical issue, but when you really decide to open the gate, you have to delve MUCH deeper than you just a research about the identity of pink sheets penny stocks. Change your trend to lay under the influence of this topic … What penny stocks are suitable for me to buy? This will teach you how to form a real life criteria that eventually your choice will be made upon, good luck.

Seasoned Penny Stocks

Everybody agrees on the endeavor profits gained by Penny stock trading, the potential behind this gain is absorbed from the ability to purchase huge amounts of shares, which will eventually enable specific percent returns on tiny price gains. The seasoned traders develop many trade secrets to catch good penny stocks. Now we are going to list up the top 10 secrets of the seasoned penny stock trader:

1. Watch out scammers.

Never buy a training course, a system or any other form of trading products. Try the available information on the internet, better off … subscribe to a reputable online forum for penny stocks and consider it your loyal information resource.

2. Make researches first

Never count on your hunch as with no sufficient analysis and research, you’re more like gambling with money. Just know what you buy right before you buy.

3. Focus on what you know.

The prior information about a particular company or industry is valuable.

4. Never believe everything you hear

Be cautious of non-reputable reports about attractive penny stocks on the rise. Flashy fonts stand only for advertising not for guaranteed profits.

5. Design your own strategy

A strategy prohibits the non-necessary losses and helps you to increase the gain ratio. One strategy could be designed for selling off shares before reaching the end of day right after a large drop in the trading volume.

6. Never do the over extend

You have only to Trade with partial funds. Never forget about the volatility of the Penny stock market.

7. Design a timetable of when to hold either to fold

Be able to hold your breaks when necessary in order not to end up bankrupted.

8. Have a goal oriented methodology when thinking

Have you own investing goals to fight for. Create leading motivations to urge you when you feel down

9. Keep on track.

A key secret of catching good penny stocks is “Record Keeping”.

10. Stay always informed.

Penny stock investing needs a non-stop reading about relevant investment topics. It is very important to remain tuned with the fresh news about the markets, in order to measure the impact on companies side by side with evaluating the potential of acquisitions and mergers.

If you want to make extra money, and you have the needed talent and supporting intelligence, Penny stocks can be the right gate for you, if you disciplined yourself to trace these simple trade secrets.

Penny Stock Forums

If you do know what Penny Stocks are, you have an experience doing so, and you need to learn more about it not from just theoretical principles, but from real life experiences … here I can tell you why you should join the Penny Stock forum. Not convinced enough?? Just read the following:

1.      One of the persuasive reasons for you to join a forum for penny stock trading is to hear real life experiences from actual investors about several penny stocks available. The members of this forum will share their own ideas and predictions using their special criteria they either gained or posted by some other investor. Those advices are considered very helpful for everyone; especially you are new to this or an experienced one.

2. Forums can help you when evaluating a trading strategy, you will easily determine which one is more effective than the other, as in the forum you will see how other investors did used the same exact strategy and how it did end up to.

3. The navigation between forums helps you having a better understanding about risks you might face and benefits you can get from penny stock investment. Never think of a RISK FREE investment. Sometimes Penny Stocks are more risky than others as they are not traded the way that major exchanges are.

4. Showing up as a member of a penny stock forum gives you the ability to ask questions, get advice and meaningful answers from forum members. Think of those who are experts in this field. This will lead you to getting an expert advice without paying any.

5. Using the penny stock forums help you determining the best penny stocks to buy. Information from history on those stocks is not usually available. In addition the forum can help you to find out as much as possible right before starting the investing process in any stocks.

6. Using those forums is a great aid if you ever thought of improving your knowledge and gain marvelous experience on such a subject. Always remember that “No one knows everything”, and even the reputable investors have lacks and they always need to learn about new secrets and get new tips.

7. Penny stock forums allow members to start fruitful discussions about several penny stock topics, thus it spreads out a wide range of material, though you can view, participate or share your information in such discussions and get a well interact with those members.

8. Forums will encapsulate many penny stock tips in one place, which for sure will not be published anywhere else on the web as it would be exclusive of their members.

9. A penny stock forum includes tens of hundreds of users negotiating the exact thread; therefore you get a variety of options and opinions to pick from. It also enables you to establish a social network of investors as well.

10. Penny stock institutions form no mentioned value for some investors, because of the lack of information they have .that why forums are very helpful in this matter.

Finally, there are thousands of popular forums to choose from, think that some investors are members in more than one, with the most current updates regarding this field in addition to expertise views you will get… it’s you ending up a clear winner .

What’s Penny Stock Trading?

Penny stock trading is the simply that process where shares of companies get bough and sold , and it’s a common way for those companies who do not have a major stock market exchange due to the size, their financial situation and  or any reason could ever occur to your mind. In addition, most of those penny stocks are represented in average prices they mostly come in small amounts of less than a dollar. All Penny stock companies advertise their own stocks in Pink Sheets or in other words Over-the-Counter “OTC” market niches.

The internet is full of penny stock success stories, people gaining fortunes behind this simple trading, facilities and advantages …etc. But actually they never unveil how those successful investors managed to grab the unbelievable fortune and double or triple the penny investment portfolio. When it comes to reality, penny stock investing is so to speak the riskiest financial transaction you may ever get involved in, due to a big number of reasons, like the massively volatile market, lack of information regarding the penny stocks deals and the extreme brokerage fees… and so many others

Though, being aware of some essential secrets about penny stock trading will form a great aid to get you some valuable gains in the near future, the moment you grab the hang of penny trading.

The most important secret behind the desired success is choosing the penny stock brokers in a very wise way. Delve as deep as you can into any leading information source regarding your penny stock investment patterns. More important is to find stock brokers whose commission and fees are not going to conquer the majority of your penny stock feedback. In case your penny stock broker is getting extra charge of “Under a Hundred” stocks trade, be sure that you are buying nothing but a hundred penny stocks to keep you self far from being ripped off. Moreover, make sure that you are dealing only with trusted brokers for penny stock trading. Unfortunately, all traders face scams and fraud penny stock brokers, especially beginners and new comers and they mostly fall in the trap for the lack of their experience.

One of the greatest advice I give to the newly flamed investors, STAY AWAY FROM PENNY STOCK COMPANIES ADVERTISING ON NEWSPAPERS OR ON TV

To decrease the risk ration, do not involve the entire investment portfolio with penny stocks, just 10-15% and no more. This will diverse your risk therefore will limit your losses.

Oil Penny Stocks…

Have you ever wondered … Do Oil penny stocks still exist? The answer is definitely YES, and through some serious researches you will be able to invest in these stocks. Sadly, you will face many penny stock scams out there especially with oil stocks; moreover it’s easy to be dragged into one of such schemes if you still a beginner. With some well research it is possible to meet legitimate Oil penny stocks which offer a good investment opportunity. Regarding to the cost of oil on the today market, several investors think it is not possible to have the stocks of this thread …they always feel suspicious about trades for a few dollars, sometimes it’s even less than this limit, but it could be.

Penny stock investing often targets the desire of finding an Emerging-Company that eventually ends up as a Blue-Chip stock option. Oil penny stocks can give you such an opportunity, if and only if you managed to choose the right stock, of course with a great aid of perfect and helpful circumstances. Sometimes the stock gives back gains in percentages which are in the thousands or even more. My advice to you is to look for companies that probably have Drilling-Rights in places where Oil is predicted to be held inside, with extreme backgrounds and a reputable financial history.

But, never forget that Oil penny stocks are not the 100% guarantee that you finally found the best investment choice. Although Oil “or any energy source” can seem like a marvelous investment, this market is full to the brink and you for sure there might be much choices of great penny stock trades, even if they don’t target Oil. But in case you insist on such a sector, then I can say that both “Samson- Oil” And “Gas-Limited” are so good. While shares do not come in just a few pennies for each, it’s considered a wonderful choice for others although it exceeds the one dollar limit. Last but not least, all we offered here simply represents good examples of the Oil penny stocks that might form an aid to you, but it doesn’t deny the principality behind you doing your researches by yourself. And after you collect the needed information, thinking it’s beneficial for you situation, visit penny stock forums to know more about it and to make sure that you are on the right track , success or failure stories will force you making the most appropriate judgments.

Interested In Penny Stocks Trading?

If you are interested in Penny Stocks investment , and don’t know how to start doing so, here I will show you the basic principles of penny stocks for beginners or what they call the Down to Earth  approach for small cap stocks investing.

First up, you have to save a share of your earnings for penny stock investing; this could simply range from a couple hundred to a small number of thousand dollars for this type of trade for beginners. Some of the Penny Stock Brokers or in other words the Online-Discount trading markets may initiate an opening balance limit that you have to agree on, keeping in mind that your Penny Stock investing portfolio must not exceed 10% portion of your entire investment portfolio, regarding the high level of market volatility of Penny Stocks.

Second up, in penny stock investing you have to find the actual Penny Stock broker or in other words the Online-Trading place. Suppose you have penny stock investor with small budget. In this case, you have to stay away from hiring a penny stock broker, due to the excessive trading fees that definitely will eat up your earnings. Search for those reputable places you can buy Penny Stocks from to avoid this problem.

Having a great interest about penny Stocks and the benefits you might gain from such a trading method, has to drive you to be actively start well educated on how to find the “Best penny stocks to buy”, you should also search for reputable financial criteria to follow when choosing between penny stock companies. You may face a thesaurus of information on certain penny stocks online. Another way to get the needed information is the subscription to an extended variety of publications… In addition, you need to know more about when to sell, this one is considered the most important penny stock tips needed for breaking the obstacles facing your penny stock investing experience.

The last thing we need you to know about is this kind of trading is pretty much risky as anything else, sometimes more. To be more clear, be aware that the environment you are about to step in massively volatile and not that well expected for beginners, it’s very possible to triple your investments and stock values or to lose them all. Just follow the rules; they are the only leading way to wealth and success.

Penny stock recommendations are now for FREE

If you wonder about where you can find totally FREE recommendations about penny stock, I can tell you that those could be found in several places, and best of them is the Internet. Once you initiate the searching process, you will face many lists under the name of “Top 10 penny stocks” for you to check on, as well as a massive number of newsletters and other hundreds of resources with very beneficial advice, hints and stock picks. Actually, all of the penny stock recommendations should be treated the way you treat anything you are about to buy… you analyze your needs , you consider the available budget , then you purchase according to the best matching choice to your own condition. Winners are all over, but never ignore the existence of a big amount of money you might lose, so please never buy any single stock no matter how cheap it is without a full evaluation to the behind benefit first, with no consideration to who recommends it.

Finding undervalued penny stocks is quite possible with no cost afforded by the investor towards anybody claims that he is able to provide you with. This will only happen if and only if you have the strong will towards teaching yourself the basics about this trading trend. Like any new investor, you might not be aware of the common entrances to penny stock recommendations- Cost Free, but there are some other things you can develop to handle this situation. Turn on your online search engine and feed it with free penny stock picks topics. From the gained results, do the signups for those free websites, read the periodical newsletters of each and a short while later you will be able to gain access to their evaluation data, therefore hundreds of fruitful recommendations regarding certain penny stock quotes. If you reached this point, we can say that you really got a stunning start point towards the non-stop success.

Please don’t take these words as theoretical points, always remember that No pain … No gain.  You have to scratch into this field till you get what you need, always remember that no 100 % guaranteed destinations are there that easy, EVEN if you paid for such a service, this field is loaded with scams and fraud issues. You will get astonished by the amount of information you can find online in all types, including analysis advice, trading strategies, and the best of the best ways to buy penny stock online . Respect your mentality; you are no longer anybody’s victim.

Energy penny stocks

Have you ever heard about Energy penny stocks? In case you don’t know what they are, Energy penny stocks are the most popular option for investors. Right now the “Renewable Energy” is the most frequent type of Energy penny stocks traders. The permanent concern about “Fossil fuels” has affected many investors and drove them to lay their choice on Renewable Energy penny stocks on the rise. And because of this common trend that has mostly been turned into around the world, Energy penny stocks held a great potential of the today investment matters. In case you felt in need of reputable Energy stocks to start with, check on both “Plug Power” and “PLUG”…actually they are considered top of the cliff choices for Energy penny stocks investing. Right now, the share price became so much reasonable than ever … it comes in less than $0.50 per each. Another great stock you should never ignore is “NGLPF”. “NGLPF” is Nevada Geothermal; it is expected to hit higher values by either experts or traders.

One of the top 10 penny stocks inside the Energy section for many investors would for sure be “Capstone Turbine”, symbol is “CPST”. “CPST” is a Wind Energy Company. Perfect predictions are hanged on this one, that’s why it’s flaming always on top of stock picks. In case the “Geothermal” does represent your best style (Note: in the near future people will look for US Geothermal energy), “HTM” could be the best pick for Energy Penny Stocks inside your portfolio. “Valance Technology” or “VLNC” is another good option. It has been watched in a very close manner. Penny stock fortunes are what every single trader or investor dreams about. And such previous stock choices might turn your dream into reality.

In the past, Energy Penny stocks showed up very nicely in some payment cases, actually it’s still a possible niche till today. For more careful acts, just perform some researches right before investing. One of the common mistakes is buying those stocks for their low prices, Instead of processing some technical functions and financial analysis on your current situation. You need to keep away the bad picks, in order to place only good penny stocks in your portfolio. Once done perfectly, Energy Penny Stocks will offer you a stunning opportunity.

What are the best penny stocks trading to buy?

The best penny stocks to buy are obtained from either the local broker in the investor’s area or from an Online Discount-Brokerage company which allows investors to trade Micro-Cap stocks in a more bearable manner if compared their current broker… especially when they are traders with small budgets. Penny stocks could be bought online;” Options House” and “Trade King” are two of the stunning online brokerage online resources to visit, as both of them represent the lowest trading fees and the least opening balances.

The moment you get a brokerage account and feel familiar with the software, just know that it’s time to start searching for best or the most convenient penny stock to buy. In most cases, you will compile an initial list of penny stocks, built on multiple subscriptions. Penny Stock Screeners will release suggestions about the BEST penny stocks at the moment to buy or even on a given day. The time you are looking for an online Penny Stock Screener, their Stock-Analyzing software is equipping both fundamental and technical research mechanisms to reach out the desired goals.

Penny stock investing is successful only and only if you managed to equip all the basic stock criteria that are helpful when weeding through tens of hundreds of worthless stock issues. Pay your undivided attention to penny stocks of the trading prices that range from $0.05 to $2.00. Penny stocks trading concerning this range are classified less liquid and may not be sold rapidly. In addition, you have to search for the best penny stocks to buy, with the volume trade of NOT less than 100,000 per day to ensure your ability of liquidating them the moment they go down. Collect as much information as possible about a specific penny stock company, make reviews and Growth-Charts over certain periods “at least five days”, as penny stock market is pretty much volatile than any market you have ever known … five days in such circumstances are witnessed like a lifetime.

The knowledge you gain about how to reach the “Best Penny Stocks to buy” is that kind of are that requires continuous self educating; building solid relationships with Penny Stocks investing communities and subscribing to a big number of reputable stock publications… eventually you will reach the best picks. Just follow the rules, minimize the risk as much as you can, and never get attracted to sources from Ads or TV, and I am sure we will hear about you soon as the penny stock millionaire. Good luck.